Useful Information About Drug Testing

No employer will want to hire a drug user. That is because there are many disadvantages associated with having an employee who is a drug user. First, a drug user will have a lower productivity. Secondly, such a person will be constantly absent and will regularly come late to work. There is the need for productivity in the workplace. Thirdly, a drug user might fight or argue with other employees. He will make the work environment to be toxic.

Drug testing is quite common. It is common in workplaces. Employers usually require prospective employees to pass drug tests. Drug testing is usually part of the evaluation process. Before one can sit for an interview, one might have to undergo a drug test. In some cases, it happens after the interview.

A person will get employment after passing the test. The employer will not force you to undergo a drug test. However, if you refuse the test, you will not qualify for the job.

After passing the test, you should not return to using drugs. That is because there might be a follow-up test. You will need to avoid drugs for some time. If you are a drug user, you need to consider your relationship with drugs if you want to get and keep employment.

Using drugs occasionally like once in a month will not make you fail the drug test. A test will detect regular drug usage and not occasional drug usage. However, a few weeks before the test, you should totally avoid drugs.

Of course, you can cheat the pre-employment drug test and pass it. However, in most companies, there is usually random drug testing. You will not know when random drug testing will take place. Therefore, if you continue using drugs, there is a high likelihood that you will fail a random drug test. If you fail that test, you can lose your job. Alternatively, your employer might suspend you. After the suspension, you will need to undergo a return-to-duty drug test.

While in college, you might have experimented with drugs. It is good to avoid drugs whether you are studying or working. However, peer pressure might have led you to drug usage. That is understandable. After college, you should take serious action to conquer drugs if you desire career success. That is because work is serious business.

Before pre-employment drug testing, there are steps that you can take so that to pass the test. You should detoxify your body. You will need to stop eating unhealthy foods. You should eat healthy and nutritious foods. Vitamins will detoxify your body. Fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins. You will also need to exercise. Sweating will remove drug toxins from your body.

You should also shower every day. When showering, you should clean your hair using a special shampoo. That will help you to pass a hair follicle test. To know the best shampoo for passing drug tests, visit

The Bottom-Line
You do not have to lose a lifetime employment opportunity because of being a drug user. There are things that you can do so that to remove drug toxins from your body.