Drug Testing: Types And Uses

Some people have the impression that drug testing is only applicable to boxers, wrestlers, tennis players and other professionals in the sports industry. However, this is not true because many professionals may undergo mandatory drug testing in the workplace for a variety of reasons. Below are some common forms of drug testing and their uses.

Urine Test
This is one of the most common drug tests out there. It is convenient and it is relatively easy to carry out this test. You just urinate into a sterile container and the sample can be analyzed on the spot. This test is non-invasive and it is usually very accurate. A urine test is used to find out if an athlete has taken performance-enhancing drugs. You can also use this test to investigate narcotic drug use and alcohol consumption.

The Breathalyzer Test
Traffic police officers use this test to find out if drivers are driving under the influence of alcoholic drinks. This test has to be administered under the right conditions to get accurate results. The suspect breathes into the instrument under the supervision of the officer carrying out the test. The aim of this test is to find out if the level of alcohol in the suspect's breath is over the approved limit or not. Once you fail this test, you can be arrested and prosecuted for driving under the influence.

The Blood Test
This test is used to verify if the suspect has taken alcohol, marijuana, performance-enhancing drugs and other substances. It is a very accurate test but it requires qualified medical personnel and specialized equipment. Some people may decline to take this test based on their religious beliefs. However, in cases where the test is backed a legal authorization, it is mandatory.

Hair Drug Testing
This is a relatively new method of testing for drug use. The hair drug test is a very useful test because it is accurate and can detect drug use even if the suspect took the drugs weeks or months ago. This test is widely used in the sports industry. In addition, many law enforcement agencies use this test in forensic investigations. For this test, a sample hair from the head is all you need but where this is not available, body hair will do.

Final Word
Drug testing is vital in the sports industry. It is also used by law enforcement organizations. In some cases, officials the legal profession and healthcare industry may undergo drug tests to ensure they are not taking any prohibited substances.